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2014Impact of the 2009 US Preventive Services Task Force Guidelines on Screening Mammography Rates on Women in Their 40sWang, Amy T.; Fan, Jiaquan; Van Houten, Holly K.; Tilburt, Jon C.; Stout, Natasha K.; Montori, Victor M.; Shah, Nilay D.
2014Knowledge and Awareness of HPV Vaccine and Acceptability to Vaccinate in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic ReviewPerlman, Stacey; Wamai, Richard G.; Bain, Paul A.; Welty, Thomas; Welty, Edith; Ogembo, Javier Gordon
2014MMP9 Processing of HSPB1 Regulates Tumor ProgressionChoi, Seo-hyun; Lee, Hae-June; Jin, Yeung Bae; Jang, Junho; Kang, Ga-Young; Lee, Minyoung; Kim, Chun-Ho; Kim, Joon; Yoon, Sam S.; Lee, Yun-Sil; Lee, Yoon-Jin
2014Polymorphisms of MUC16 (CA125) and MUC1 (CA15.3) in Relation to Ovarian Cancer Risk and SurvivalWilliams, Kristina A.; Terry, Kathryn L.; Tworoger, Shelley S.; Vitonis, Allison F.; Titus, Linda J.; Cramer, Daniel W.
2014Evaluation of New Morphometric Parameters of Neoangiogenesis in Human Colorectal Cancer Using Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (CLE) and Targeted Panendothelial MarkersCiocâlteu, Adriana; Săftoiu, Adrian; Cârţână, Tatiana; Gruionu, Lucian Gheorghe; Pirici, Daniel; Georgescu, Corneliu Cristian; Georgescu, Claudia-Valentina; Gheonea, Dan Ionuţ; Gruionu, Gabriel
2014An Active Learning Approach for Rapid Characterization of Endothelial Cells in Human TumorsPadmanabhan, Raghav K.; Somasundar, Vinay H.; Griffith, Sandra D.; Zhu, Jianliang; Samoyedny, Drew; Tan, Kay See; Hu, Jiahao; Liao, Xuejun; Carin, Lawrence; Yoon, Sam S.; Flaherty, Keith T.; DiPaola, Robert S.; Heitjan, Daniel F.; Lal, Priti; Feldman, Michael D.; Roysam, Badrinath; Lee, William M. F.
2014Regulation of MYC Expression and Differential JQ1 Sensitivity in Cancer CellsFowler, Trent; Ghatak, Payel; Price, David H.; Conaway, Ronald; Conaway, Joan; Chiang, Cheng-Ming; Bradner, James E.; Shilatifard, Ali; Roy, Ananda L.
2014Ovarian Cancer Spheroid Cells with Stem Cell-Like Properties Contribute to Tumor Generation, Metastasis and Chemotherapy Resistance through Hypoxia-Resistant MetabolismLiao, Jianqun; Qian, Feng; Tchabo, Nana; Mhawech-Fauceglia, Paulette; Beck, Amy; Qian, Zikun; Wang, Xinhui; Huss, Wendy J.; Lele, Shashikant B.; Morrison, Carl D.; Odunsi, Kunle
2014Identification of a New Epitope in uPAR as a Target for the Cancer Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody ATN-658, a Structural Homolog of the uPAR Binding Integrin CD11b (αM)Xu, Xiang; Cai, Yuan; Wei, Ying; Donate, Fernando; Juarez, Jose; Parry, Graham; Chen, Liqing; Meehan, Edward J.; Ahn, Richard W.; Ugolkov, Andrey; Dubrovskyi, Oleksii; O'Halloran, Thomas V.; Huang, Mingdong; Mazar, Andrew P.
2014A Genome-Wide “Pleiotropy Scan” Does Not Identify New Susceptibility Loci for Estrogen Receptor Negative Breast CancerCampa, Daniele; Barrdahl, Myrto; Tsilidis, Konstantinos K.; Severi, Gianluca; Diver, W. Ryan; Siddiq, Afshan; Chanock, Stephen; Hoover, Robert N.; Ziegler, Regina G.; Berg, Christine D.; Buys, Saundra S.; Haiman, Christopher A.; Henderson, Brian E.; Schumacher, Fredrick R.; Le Marchand, Loïc; Flesch-Janys, Dieter; Lindström, Sara; Hunter, David J.; Hankinson, Susan E.; Willett, Walter C.; Kraft, Peter; Cox, David G.; Khaw, Kay-Tee; Tjønneland, Anne; Dossus, Laure; Trichopoulos, Dimitrios; Panico, Salvatore; van Gils, Carla H.; Weiderpass, Elisabete; Barricarte, Aurelio; Sund, Malin; Gaudet, Mia M.; Giles, Graham; Southey, Melissa; Baglietto, Laura; Chang-Claude, Jenny; Kaaks, Rudolf; Canzian, Federico