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2011Transmitted Drug Resistance in the CFAR Network of Integrated Clinical Systems Cohort: Prevalence and Effects on Pre-Therapy CD4 and Viral LoadPoon, Art F. Y.; Aldous, Jeannette L.; Mathews, W. Christopher; Kitahata, Mari; Kahn, James S.; Saag, Michael S.; Frost, Simon D. W.; Haubrich, Richard H.; Boswell, Stephen Louis; Rodríguez, Benigno
2011Deregulation of MYCN, LIN28B and LET7 in a Molecular Subtype of Aggressive High-Grade Serous Ovarian CancersAnglesio, Michael S.; George, Joshy; Cowin, Prue A.; House, Colin M.; Sheppard, Karen E.; Etemadmoghadam, Dariush; Melnyk, Nataliya; Rustgi, Anil K.; Phillips, Wayne A.; Johnsen, Hilde; Holm, Ruth; Kristensen, Gunnar B.; Pearson, Richard B.; Huntsman, David G.; deFazio, Anna; Creighton, Chad J.; Smyth, Gordon K.; Bowtell, David D. L.; Tan, Patrick; Helland, Åslaug; Johnstone, Cameron N.; Birrer, Michael James; Børresen-Dale, Anne-Lise
2011Clustering Heart Rate Dynamics Is Associated with β-Adrenergic Receptor Polymorphisms: Analysis by Information-Based Similarity IndexYang, Albert C.; Tsai, Shih-Jen; Hong, Chen-Jee; Wang, Cynthia; Chen, Tai-Jui; Liou, Ying-Jay; Gaetano, Carlo; Peng, Chung-Kang
2011Utilizing Targeted Gene Therapy with Nanoparticles Binding Alpha v Beta 3 for Imaging and Treating Choroidal NeovascularizationSalehi-Had, Hani; Giani, Andrea; Hisatomi, Toshio; Nakao, Shintaro; Guccione, Samira; Gragoudas, Evangelos Stelios; Roh, Mi In; Kim, Ivana Kyung; Miller, Joan Whitten; Vavvas, Demetrios
2011Survey of Activated FLT3 Signaling in LeukemiaGu, Ting-lei; Nardone, Julie; Loriaux, Marc; Tucker, Meghan; Kornhauser, Jon; Ren, Jianmin; MacNeill, Joan; Druker, Brian J.; Heinrich, Michael C.; Rush, John; Polakiewicz, Roberto D.; Villén, Judit; Gygi, Steven P.; Beausoleil, Sean A; Wang, Yi
2011Oct4-Induced Reprogramming is Required for Adult Brain Neural Stem Cell Differentiation into Midbrain Dopaminergic NeuronsHargus, Gunnar; Deleidi, Michela; Cooper, Oliver Jamie; Levy, Adam; Isacson, Ole Stefan
2011Recurrent Chromosomal Copy Number Alterations in Sporadic ChordomasThomas, Dafydd; Batten, Julie M.; Duan, Zhenfeng; Le, Long Phi; Nielsen, Gunnlaugur Petur; Rosenberg, Andrew Eric; Deshpande, Vikram; Schwab, Joseph H; Xavier, Ramnik; Hornicek, Francis John; Iafrate, Anthony John
2011Increased Breadth and Depth of Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes Responses against HIV-1-B Nef by Inclusion of Epitope Variant SequencesRolland, Morgane; Frahm, Nicole; Nickle, David C.; Jojic, Nebojsa; Deng, Wenjie; Brander, Christian; Heckerman, David E.; Mullins, James I.; Allen, Todd
2011Ethnic Differences in Body Composition and Obesity Related Risk Factors: Study in Chinese and White Males Living in ChinaFan, Jinhui; Zhang, Gong; Wu, Jiang; Ji, Yong; Li, Songlin; Li, Yunping; Wang, Doug; Lee, Simin Gharib; Wang, Lei
2011Using Web Search Query Data to Monitor Dengue Epidemics: A New Model for Neglected Tropical Disease SurveillanceChan, Emily H.; Sahai, Vikram; Conrad, Corrie; Brownstein, John Samuel