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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2012Developmental Trajectories of Resting EEG Power: An Endophenotype of Autism Spectrum DisorderGabard-Durnam, Laurel; Vogel-Farley, Vanessa; Tager-Flusberg, Helen; Tierney, Adrienne Leigh; Nelson, Charles A.
2012IL-36α Exerts Pro-Inflammatory Effects in the Lungs of MiceRamadas, Ravisankar A.; Ewart, Susan L.; Iwakura, Yoichiro; Medoff, Benjamin D.; LeVine, Ann Marie
2012Dose-Related Estrogen Effects on Gene Expression in Fetal Mouse Prostate Mesenchymal CellsTaylor, Julia A.; Richter, Catherine A.; Suzuki, Atsuko; Watanabe, Hajime; Iguchi, Taisen; Coser, Kathryn R.; Shioda, Toshihiro; vom Saal, Frederick S.
2012Modeling Intracerebral Hemorrhage Growth and Response to AnticoagulationGreenberg, Charles H.; Frosch, Matthew P.; Goldstein, Joshua Norkin; Rosand, Jonathan; Greenberg, Steven Mark
2012Filter Paper Blood Spot Enzyme Linked Immunoassay for Insulin and Application in the Evaluation of Determinants of Child Insulin ResistanceMartin, Richard M.; Patel, Rita; Zinovik, Alexander; Kramer, Michael S.; Oken, Emily; Vilchuck, Konstantin; Bogdanovich, Natalia; Sergeichick, Natalia; Gunnarsson, Robert; Grufman, Lisa; Foo, Ying; Gusina, Nina
2012Interaction of Sleep and Emotional Content on the Production of False MemoriesMcKeon, Shannon; Pace-Schott, Edward Franz; Spencer, Rebecca M. C.
2012An MRI Study of Symptomatic Adhesive CapsulitisZheng, Xiaofeng; Liu, Yuying; Yang, Wenlu; Amirbekian, Vardan; Diaz, Luis E.; Huang, Xudong; Zhao, Wen
2010Mutational Escape in HIV-1 CTL Epitopes Leads to Increased Binding to Inhibitory Myelomonocytic MHC Class I ReceptorsToth, Ildiko; Yang, Yue; Huang, Jinghe; Lichterfeld, Mathias; Yu, Xu
2012Cellular Expression Profile for Interstitial Cells of Cajal in Bladder - A Cell Often Misidentified as Myocyte or MyofibroblastYu, Weiqun; Zeidel, Mark Lawrence; Hill, Warren Gary
2012Alcohol Affects the Brain's Resting-State Network in Social DrinkersLithari, Chrysa; Klados, Manousos A.; Pappas, Costas; Albani, Maria; Kapoukranidou, Dorothea; Kovatsi, Leda; Bamidis, Panagiotis D.; Papadelis, Christos