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2013Role of the Adiponectin Binding Protein, T-Cadherin (cdh13), in Pulmonary Responses to Subacute OzoneKasahara, David I.; Williams, Alison S.; Benedito, Leandro A.; Ranscht, Barbara; Kobzik, Lester; Hug, Christopher; Shore, Stephanie A.
2013Tablet Keyboard Configuration Affects Performance, Discomfort and Task Difficulty for Thumb Typing in a Two-Handed GripTrudeau, Matthieu B.; Catalano, Paul J.; Jindrich, Devin L.; Dennerlein, Jack T.
2014Three New Genetic Loci (R1210C in CFH, Variants in COL8A1 and RAD51B) Are Independently Related to Progression to Advanced Macular DegenerationSeddon, Johanna M.; Reynolds, Robyn; Yu, Yi; Rosner, Bernard
2013Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Influenza Vaccination, and Antecedent Respiratory and Gastrointestinal Infections: A Case-Centered Analysis in the Vaccine Safety Datalink, 2009–2011Greene, Sharon K.; Rett, Melisa D.; Vellozzi, Claudia; Li, Lingling; Kulldorff, Martin; Marcy, S. Michael; Daley, Matthew F.; Belongia, Edward A.; Baxter, Roger; Fireman, Bruce H.; Jackson, Michael L.; Omer, Saad B.; Nordin, James D.; Jin, Robert; Weintraub, Eric S.; Vijayadeva, Vinutha; Lee, Grace M.
2013Dynamic Parameters of Balance Which Correlate to Elderly Persons with a History of FallsMuir, Jesse W.; Kiel, Douglas P.; Hannan, Marian; Magaziner, Jay; Rubin, Clinton T.
2012Developmental Trajectories of Resting EEG Power: An Endophenotype of Autism Spectrum DisorderGabard-Durnam, Laurel; Vogel-Farley, Vanessa; Tager-Flusberg, Helen; Tierney, Adrienne Leigh; Nelson, Charles A.
2012A Glucose Fuel Cell for Implantable Brain–Machine InterfacesKedzierski, Jakub T.; Sarpeshkar, Rahul; Rapoport, Benjamin Isaac
2012PGC-1α is Dispensable for Exercise-Induced Mitochondrial Biogenesis in Skeletal MuscleEl-Khoury, Riyad; Patten, Ian S.; Rustin, Pierre; Rowe, Glenn C; Arany, Zoltan Pierre
2012Role of the Adiponectin Binding Protein, T-Cadherin (Cdh13), in Allergic Airways Responses in MiceVerbout, Norah G.; Ranscht, Barbara; Williams, Alison S.; Kasahara, David I.; Fedulov, Alexey V.; Zhu, Ming; Si, Huiqing; Wurmbrand, Allison Patricia; Hug, Christopher; Shore, Stephanie Ann
2012Prognostic Significance of Elevated Cardiac Troponin-T Levels in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome PatientsRivara, Matthew B.; Thompson, B. Taylor; Bajwa, Ednan Khalid; Januzzi, James Louis; Gong, Michelle Ng; Christiani, David C.