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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2012Influence of Spatial Resolution on Space-Time Disease Cluster DetectionJones, Stephen G.; Kulldorff, Martin
2013Need for and Access to Health Care and Medicines: Are There Gender Inequities?Wagner, Anita Katharina; Graves, Amy J.; Fan, Zhengyu; Walker, Saul; Zhang, Fang; Ross-Degnan, Dennis
2012Multiple Category-Lot Quality Assurance Sampling: A New Classification System with Application to Schistosomiasis ControlOlives, Casey; Valadez, Joseph J.; Brooker, Simon J.; Pagano, Marcello
2012Clarifying the Use of Aggregated Exposures in Multilevel Models: Self-Included vs. Self-Excluded MeasuresSuzuki, Etsuji; Yamamoto, Eiji; Takao, Soshi; Kawachi, Ichiro; Subramanian, S.V. Venkata
2012Urinary Benzene Biomarkers and DNA Methylation in Bulgarian Petrochemical Workers: Study Findings and Comparison of Linear and Beta Regression ModelsSeow, Wei Jie; Pesatori, Angela Cecilia; Dimont, Emmanuel; Farmer, Peter B.; Albetti, Benedetta; Ettinger, Adrienne S.; Bollati, Valentina; Bolognesi, Claudia; Roggieri, Paola; Panev, Teodor I.; Georgieva, Tzveta; Merlo, Domenico Franco; Bertazzi, Pier Alberto; Baccarelli, Andrea
2013Validation of the “World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule for Children, WHODAS-Child” in RwandaScorza, Pamela; Stevenson, Anne; Canino, Glorisa; Mushashi, Christine; Kanyanganzi, Fredrick; Munyanah, Morris; Betancourt, Theresa S
2013Impact of Community-Based Larviciding on the Prevalence of Malaria Infection in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaMaheu-Giroux, Mathieu; Castro, Marcia C.
2014School Programs and Characteristics and Their Influence on Student BMI: Findings from Healthy PassagesRichmond, Tracy K.; Elliott, Marc N.; Franzini, Luisa; Kawachi, Ichiro; Caughy, Margaret O.; Gilliland, M. Janice; Walls, Courtney E.; Franklin, Frank A.; Lowry, Richard; Banspach, Stephen W.; Schuster, Mark A.
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (19).pdf.jpg2016Impact of the 2012 extreme drought conditions on private well owners in the United States, a qualitative analysisMurti, Michelle; Yard, Ellen; Kramer, Rachel; Haselow, Dirk; Mettler, Mike; McElvany, Rocky; Martin, Colleen; Kallis, G; Zamani, Gh; Gorgievski-Duijvesteijn, Mj; Zarafshani, K; Caldwell, K; Boyd, Cp; Sartore, G; Kelly, B; Stain, H; Albrecht, G; Higginbotham, N; Sherval, M
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (501).pdf.jpg2016Community challenges when using large plastic bottles for Solar Energy Disinfection of Water (SODIS)Borde, Preeti; Elmusharaf, Khalifa; McGuigan, Kevin G.; Keogh, Michael B.; Prüss-Üstün, Abr; Gore, F; Bartram, J; Joyce, Tm; McGuigan, Kg; ElmoreMeegan, M; Conroy, Rm; Boyle, M; Sichel, C; Fernandez-Ibanez, P; Arias-Quiroz, Gb; Iriarte-Puna, M; Mercado, a; Ubomba-Jaswa, E