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2014Health and Economic Benefits of Improved Injury Prevention and Trauma Care WorldwideKotagal, Meera; Agarwal-Harding, Kiran J.; Mock, Charles; Quansah, Robert; Arreola-Risa, Carlos; Meara, John G.
2014Cardiovascular magnetic resonance parameters associated with early transplant-free survival in children with small left hearts following conversion from a univentricular to biventricular circulationBanka, Puja; Schaetzle, Barbara; Komarlu, Rukmini; Emani, Sitaram; Geva, Tal; Powell, Andrew J
2013The Utility of Intravenous Acetaminophen in the Perioperative PeriodO’Neal, Jason B.
2014Patient- and surgeon-adjusted control charts for monitoring performanceMaruthappu, Mahiben; Carty, Matthew J; Lipsitz, Stuart R; Wright, John; Orgill, Dennis; Duclos, Antoine
2014Early life environment and natural history of inflammatory bowel diseasesGuo, Abra Y; Stevens, Betsy W; Wilson, Robin G; Russell, Caitlin N; Cohen, Melissa A; Sturgeon, Holly C; Thornton, Anna; Giallourakis, Cosmas; Khalili, Hamed; Nguyen, Deanna D; Sauk, Jenny; Yajnik, Vijay; Xavier, Ramnik J; Ananthakrishnan, Ashwin N
May-2014Technology Adoption in the United States: The Impact of Hospital Market CompetitionSethi, Rosh Kumar Viasha
2010Donor Kidney Recovery Methods and the Incidence of Lymphatic Complications in Kidney Transplant RecipientsSaidi, R. F.; Wertheim, J. A.; Kennealey, P.; Ko, D. S. C.; Elias, N.; Yeh, H.; Hertl, M.; Kawai, T.
2012Legal Disputes over Duties to Disclose Treatment Risks to Patients: A Review of Negligence Claims and Complaints in AustraliaBismark, Marie M.; Gogos, Andrew J.; Clark, Richard B.; Gruen, Russell L.; Gawande, Atul Atmaram; Studdert, David Michael
2013Placing a Price on Medical Device Innovation: The Example of Total Knee ArthroplastySuter, Lisa G.; Paltiel, A. David; Rome, Benjamin Newman; Solomon, Daniel Hal; Thornhill, Thomas Stone; Abrams, Stanley K.; Katz, Jeffrey Neil; Losina, Elena
2014Multimodal Hazard Rate for Relapse in Breast Cancer: Quality of Data and Calibration of Computer SimulationRetsky, Michael W.; Demicheli, Romano