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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
ASURG 2017 Volume 265 Issue 2 February (19).pdf.jpg2017Prognostic Value of Pretreatment Pathological Tumor Extent in Patients Treated With Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy Plus Surgery for Esophageal or Junctional CancerShapiro, Joel; Biermann, Ã Katharina; Klaveren, David Van; Offerhaus, G Johan A; Kate, J W; Meijer, Sybren L; Henegouwen, Mark I Van Berge; Steyerberg, Ewout W
ASURG 2017 Volume 265 Issue 2 February (27).pdf.jpg2017Geographical Information System Evaluation and Trends of Nonaccidental Trauma at a Level I Trauma Center , Pilot StudySmith, Michael Robert; Davis, Ã Robert Lee; Phillips, Anne; Shvilkina, Ã Tatyana; Kaur, Kamalijit; Tabolt, Ã Heather Katrina; Krause, Ã Matthew; Galdi, Vincent; Bs, Ã
ASURG 2017 Volume 265 Issue 2 February (2).pdf.jpg2017Incidence and Risk Factors for Deliberate Self-harm , Mental Illness , and Suicide Following Bariatric SurgeryStudy, A State-wide Population-based Linked-data Cohort; Morgan, David J R; Fcicm, Ã; Ho, Kwok M
ASURG 2017 Volume 265 Issue 6 June (21).pdf.jpg2017Long-Term Health-related Quality of Life Following EsophagectomyBarbour, Andrew P.; Mc Cormack, Orla M.; Baker, Peter J.; Hirst, Jodi; Krause, Lutz; Brosda, Sandra; Thomas, Janine M.; Blazeby, Jane M.; Thomson, Iain G.; Gotley, David C.; Smithers, Bernard M.
ASURG 2017 Volume 265 Issue 6 June (18).pdf.jpg2017Reporting of Randomized Controlled Trials With Statistically Nonsignificant Primary Outcomes Published in High-Impact Surgical JournalsArunachalam, Lakshmanan; Hunter, Iain a.; Killeen, Shane
ASURG 2017 Volume 265 Issue 5 May (8).pdf.jpg2017Acute Adverse Events and Postoperative Complications in a Randomized Trial of Preoperative Short-course Radiotherapy Versus Long-course Chemoradiotherapy for T3 Adenocarcinoma of the RectumAnsari, Nabila; Solomon, Ã Michael J; Fisher, Ã Richard J; Mackay, John; Burmeister, Bryan; Ackland, Stephen; Heriot, Alexander; Bchir, M B; Joseph, David; Mclachlan, Sue-anne; Mcclure, Bev; Ngan, Samuel Y
ASURG 2017 Volume 265 Issue 6 June (17).pdf.jpg2017Progressive Entrustment to Achieve Resident Autonomy in the Operating RoomSandhu, Gurjit; Magas, Christopher P.; Robinson, Adina B.; Scally, Christopher P.; Minter, Rebecca M.
ASURG 2017 Volume 265 Issue 1 January (30).pdf.jpg2017Multi-institutional Validation Study of the American Joint Commission on Cancer ( 8th Edition ) Changes for T and N Staging in Patients With Pancreatic AdenocarcinomaAllen, Peter J; Kuk, Ã Deborah; Castillo, Carlos Fernandez-del; Basturk, Olca; Wolfgang, Christopher L; Cameron, John L; Lillemoe, Keith D; Ferrone, Cristina R; Morales-oyarvide, Vicente; He, Jin; Weiss, Matthew J; Hruban, Ralph H; Go, Mithat; Klimstra, David S; Mino-kenudson, Mari
ASURG 2017 Volume 265 Issue 1 January (17).pdf.jpg2017Patient-reported Limitations to Surgical Buy-in A Qualitative Study of Patients Facing High-risk SurgeryNabozny, Michael J; Kruser, Ã Jacqueline M; Steffens, Nicole M; Pecanac, Kristen E; Brasel, Karen J; Chittenden, Eva H; Cooper, Zara; Mckneally, Martin F; Schwarze, Margaret L; Mpp, Ã
ASURG 2017 Volume 265 Issue 1 January (24).pdf.jpg2017Who Should Get Extended Thromboprophylaxis After Bariatric Surgery ?Aminian, Ali; Andalib, Ã Amin; Khorgami, Ã Zhamak; Cetin, Ã Derrick; Burguera, Bartolome; Bartholomew, Ã John; Brethauer, Stacy A; Schauer, Philip R