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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016 AJM Volume 129 Issue 3 March (7).pdf.jpg2016Association Between Anemia , Bleeding , and Transfusion with Long-term Mortality Following Noncardiac SurgerySmilowitz, Nathaniel R; Oberweis, Brandon S; Nukala, Swetha; Rosenberg, Andrew; Zhao, Sibo
2016 BJA Volume 117 Issue 1 July (28).pdf.jpg2016Randomized evaluation of fi brinogen vs placebo in complex cardiovascular surgery ( REPLACE ): a double- blind phase III study of haemostatic therapyLevy, J H; Mazer, C D; Schramko, A; Klein, A A; Brat, R; Okita, Y; Ueda, Y; Schmidt, D S; Ranganath, R; Gill, R
2016 BJA Volume 117 Issue 1 July (21).pdf.jpg2016Introduction of a paediatric anaesthesia comic information lea fl et reduced preoperative anxiety in childrenKassai, B; Rabilloud, M; Dantony, E; Grousson, S; Revol, O; Malik, S; Ginhoux, T; Touil, N; Chassard, D; Neto, E Pereira De Souza; Clinique, Service De Pharmacologie; Lyon, Epicime-cic De; Bron, F-; Lyon, Université De; Lyon, F-; Biométrie, Laboratoire De; Lyon, Université; Villeurbanne, F-; Biostatistique, Service De; Lyon, Hospices Civils De; Lyon, F-; Neurologique, Hôpital; Wertheimer, Pierre; Bron, F-
2016 EHJ Volume 37 Issue 28 July (5).pdf.jpg2016Outcomes of transfemoral transcatheter aortic valve implantation at hospitals with and without on-site cardiac surgery department : insights from the prospective German aortic valve replacement quality assurance registry ( AQUA ) in 17 919 patientsEggebrecht, Holger; Bestehorn, Maike; Haude, Michael; Schmermund, Axel; Kuck, Karl-heinz; Mehta, Rajendra H; Bestehorn, Kurt; Voigtla, Thomas
2016 JN Volume 125 Issue 5 November (26).pdf.jpg2016Iodine-125 seed migration within brain parenchyma after brachytherapy for brain metastasis: case reportBrahimaj, Bledi; Lamba, Michael; Breneman, John C; Warnick, Ronald E
2016 JHS Volume 41 Issue 8 October (9).pdf.jpg2016JHS ( E ) following endoscopically assistedLeblebicioglu, G; Ayhan, C; Firat, T; Uzumcugil, A; Yorubulut, M; Doral, M N
2016 BIA Volume 117 Issue 2 August (1).pdf.jpg2016Preoperative heart rate and myocardial injury after non-cardiac surgery : results of a prede fi ned secondary analysis of the VISION studyAbbott, T E F; Ackland, G L; Archbold, R A; Wragg, A; Kam, E; Ahmad, T; Khan, A W; Niebrzegowska, E; Rodseth, R N; Devereaux, P J; Pearse, R M
2016 SPINE Volume 41 Issue 14 July (11).pdf.jpg2016Impact of Gender on 30-Day Complications AfterKothari, Parth; Lee, Ã Nathan J; Leven, Ã Dante M; Lakomkin, Nikita; Shin, John I; Skovrlj, Branko; Steinberger, Jeremy; Guzman, Javier Z; Cho, Samuel K
2016 SPINE Volume 41 Issue 15 August (14).pdf.jpg2016Inferior Outcome of Lumbar Disc Surgery in Women Due to Inferior Preoperative StatusJo, Bo
2016 AS Volume 264 Issue 5 November (24).pdf.jpg2016Esophageal AdenocarcinomaGandon, Anne; Gronnier, Ã Caroline; Renaud, Ã Florence; Borde, Paul; Vanderbeken, Marguerite; Hec, Ã Flora; Piessen, Ã Guillaume; Adenis, Antoine; Mirabel, Ã Ã Xavier; Mariette, Christophe