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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2017 JIPhealth Volume 10 Issue 5 September-October (4).pdf.jpg2017Periodic Olfactory Assessment in Patients Undergoing Skull Base Surgery With Preservation of the Olfactory StripUpadhyay, Smita; Buohliqah, Lamia; Dolci, Ricardo L L; Otto, Bradley A; Prevedello, Daniel M; Carrau, Ricardo L
2017 JIPhealth Volume 10 Issue 5 September-October (14).pdf.jpg2017Pepsin as a Biomarker for Laryngopharyngeal Reflux in Children With LaryngomalaciaLuebke, Kendra; Samuels, Tina L; Chelius, Thomas H; Sulman, Cecille G; Mccormick, Michael E; Kerschner, Joseph E; Johnston, Nikki; Chun, Robert H
2017 ATsurgery Volume 104 Issue 4 October (29).pdf.jpg2017Changes in Electromyographic Amplitudes But Not Latencies Occur With Endotracheal Tube Malpositioning During Intraoperative Monitoring for Thyroid Surgery : Implications for GuidelinesBarber, Samuel R; Liddy, Whitney; Kyriazidis, Natalia; Cinquepalmi, Matteo; Lin, Brian M; Modi, Rahul; Patricio, Stephanie; Kamani, Dipti; Belotti, Carlo; Mahamad, Sadhana; Lawson, Bradley; Randolph, Gregory W
2017 ATsurgery Volume 104 Issue 4 October (47).pdf.jpg2017Characteristics of Tinnitus in Adolescents and Association With Psychoemotional FactorsKim, So Young; Jeon, Yung Jin; Lee, Jun-young; Kim, Young Ho
2017 ATsurgery Volume 104 Issue 4 October (34).pdf.jpg2017Changes in Thyroid Cancer Incidence , Post-2009 American Thyroid Association GuidelinesShi, Lucy L; Desantis, Carol; Jemal, Ahmedin; Chen, Amy Y
2017 EJCTsurgery Volume 52 Issue 3 September (3).pdf.jpg2017Hydroxyapatite Cement Cranioplasty Following Translabyrinthine Approach : Long-Term Study of 369 CasesVolsky, Peter G; Hillman, Todd A; Stromberg, Kellen J; Buchinsky, Farrel J; Chen, Douglas A; Jackson, Neal M
2017 Eye Volume 31 Issue 9 September (10).pdf.jpg2017Impact of Resident Involvement in Outpatient Otolaryngology Procedures : An Analysis of 17 , 647 CasesBaker, Andrew B; Ong, Adrian A; Connell, Brendan P O; Sokohl, Alexander D; Clinkscales, William B; Meyer, Ted A
2017 Eye Volume 31 Issue 9 September (13).pdf.jpg2017Impact of Short Sleep on Metabolic Variables in Obese Children With Obstructive Sleep ApneaBhushan, Bharat; Ayub, Bushra; Thompson, Dana M; Abdullah, Fizan; Billings, Kathleen R
2017 JPnursing Volume 33 Issue 5 September-October (13).pdf.jpg2017Real-Time Continuous Image-Guided Surgery : Preclinical Investigation in GlossectomyTabanfar, Reza; Qiu, Jimmy; Chan, Harley; Aflatouni, Niousha; Weersink, Robert; Hasan, Wael; Irish, Jonathan C
2017 Circulation Volume 136 Issue 6 August (11).pdf.jpg2017Evaluation of a Revised Indication for Determining Adult Cochlear Implant CandidacySladen, Douglas P; Gifford, H; Haynes, David; Kelsall, David; Benson, Aaron; Lewis, Kristen; Zwolan, Teresa; Fu, Qian-jie; Gantz, Bruce; Gilden, Jan; Westerberg, Brian; Gustin, Cindy; Neil, Lori O; Driscoll, Colin L