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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2017 JCCPsychology Volume 85 Issue 9 September (8).pdf.jpg2017Myringoplasty Outcomes From the Swedish National Quality RegistryBerglund, Malin; Florentzson, Rut; Fransson, Mattias; Hultcrantz, Malou
2017 JCmaxillofacialsurgery Volume 45 Issue 10 October (28).pdf.jpg2017Neurotological Findings After Electrical Injury at the WorkplaceWuesthoff, Carolina; Ilan, Ophir; Rutka, John Alexander
2017 JOPM Volume 46 Issue 10 November (10).pdf.jpg2017Differences in Interregional Brain Connectivity in Children With Unilateral Hearing LossJung, Matthew E; Colletta, Miranda; Coalson, Rebecca; Schlaggar, Bradley L; Lieu, Judith E C
2017 Jglaucoma Volume 26 Issue 9 September (3).pdf.jpg2017Patient Compliance Following Isolated Mandibular Fracture RepairRadabaugh, J Paul; Horn, Adam Van; Chan, Stephen A; Shelton, Jared M; Gal, Thomas J
2017 Jendourology Volume 31 Issue 9 September (2).pdf.jpg2017Palatoglossus Coupling in Selective Upper Airway StimulationBas, Murat; Wirth, Markus; Hofauer, Benedikt; Heiser, Clemens
2017 Retina Volume 37 Issue 10 October (21).pdf.jpg2017Voice Disorders and Associated Risk Markers Among Young Adults in the United StatesBainbridge, Kathleen E; Roy, Nelson; Losonczy, Katalin G; Hoffman, Howard J; Cohen, Seth M
2017 Concology Volume 29 Issue 10 October (8).pdf.jpg2017Exosomes Mediate Interepithelial Transfer of Functional P-Glycoprotein in Chronic Rhinosinusitis With Nasal PolypsNocera, Angela L; Miyake, Marcel M; Seifert, Philip; Han, Xue; Bleier, Benjamin S
2017 CIdiseases Volume 65 Issue 8 October (7).pdf.jpg2017Endoscopic Management of Tissue-Engineered Tracheal Graft Stenosis in an Ovine ModelPepper, Victoria K; Onwuka, Ekene A; Best, Cameron A; King, Nakesha; Heuer, Eric; Johnson, Jed; Breuer, Christopher K; Grischkan, Jonathan M
2017 JACcardiology Volume 70 Issue 11 September (15).pdf.jpg2017Laboratory Assessment of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss : A Case-Control StudyFasano, Tommaso; Pertinhez, Thelma A; Tribi, Lorenzo; Lasagni, Daniela; Pilia, Annalisa; Vecchia, Luigi; Baricchi, Roberto; Bianchin, Giovanni
2017 JACcardiology Volume 70 Issue 12 September (15).pdf.jpg2017Laryngoscopic and Stroboscopic Signs in the Diagnosis of Vocal Fold ParesisEstes, Christine; Sadoughi, Babak; Mauer, Elizabeth; Christos, Paul; Sulica, Lucian