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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2003c-Jun Expression in Surviving and Regenerating Retinal Ganglion Cells: Effects of Intravitreal Neurotrophic SupplyYip, HK; So, KF; Lu, Q; Cui, Q
2004Involvement of cAMP in neuronal survival and axonal regenerationCui, Q; So, KF
2010Generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells from umbilical cord matrix and amniotic membrane mesenchymal cellsSo, KF; Cai, J; Li, W; Su, H; Qin, D; Yang, J; Zhu, F; Xu, J; He, W; Guo, X; Labuda, K; Peterbauer, A; Wolbank, S; Zhong, M; Li, Z; Wu, WT; Redl, H; Zeng, L; Esteban, MA; Pei, D
2006Retinal ganglion cells toxicity caused by photosensitising effects of intravitreal indocyanine green with illumination in rat eyesYip, HKF; So, KF; Lai, TYY; Kwok, AKH
2002Axonal regeneration of retinal ganglion cells after optic nerve pre-lesions and attachment of normal or pre-degenerated peripheral nerve graftsYou, SW; Bedi, KS; Yip, HK; So, KF
1999Substance P-immunoreactive neurons in hamster retinasLi, HB; So, KF; Cheuk, W
1996The influence of predegenerated nerve grafts on axonal regeneration from prelesioned peripheral nervesHasan, NAKES; Neumann, MM; De Souky, MA; So, KF; Bedi, KS
2009The selective vulnerability of retinal ganglion cells in rat chronic ocular hypertension model at early phaseSo, KF; Luo, XG; Chiu, K; Lau, FHS; Lee, VWH; Yung, KKL
2009Intracerebroventricular infusion of cytosine-arabinoside causes prepulse inhibition disruptionLee, TMC; Ching, YP; So, KF; Lau, BWM; Yau, SY; Tang, SW
2006Nano hemostat solution: immediate hemostasis at the nanoscaleEllisBehnke, RG; Liang, YX; Tay, DKC; Wu, W; So, KF; Kau, PWF; Schneider, GE; Zhang, S