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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
1988Characteristics of Freebase Cocaine Psychosis.Manschreck, Theo Clyde; Laughery, Judy A.; Weisstein, C. Cecily; Allen, David; Humblestone, Brian; Neville, Michael; Podlewski, Henry; Mitra, Nina
1983Techniques for improving axonal regeneration: assay in goldfish optic nerveGrafstein, B; Meiri, H; Yip, HKF
1982Effect of nerve growth factor on regeneration of goldfish optic axonsYip, HK; Grafstein, B
1984Developing dorsal root ganglion neurons require trophic support from their central processes: Evidence for a role of retrogradely transported nerve growth factor from the central nervous system to the peripheryYip, HK; Johnson Jr, EM
1984Effects of NGF deprivation and axotomy on dorsal root ganglia neurons and regenerationRich, KM; Yip, HK; Osborne, PA
1985Central nervous system and peripheral nerve growth factor provide trophic support critical to mature sensory neuronal survivalJohnson Jr, EM; Yip, HK
1985Retrograde axonal transport of 125I-nerve growth factor in rat ileal mesenteric nerves. Effect of streptozocin diabetesSchmidt, RE; Plurad, SB; Saffitz, JE; Grabau, GG; Yip, HK
1989Effect of a new 8-aminoquincline antimalarial compound on hepatic microsomal mixed function oxidase system of miceSaxena, Nalini; Pandev, V C; Puri, S K; Dutta, G P
1988Pharmacology of compound cdri 80/53 ; A potential new anti-relapse antimalarial agentKar, K; Patnaik, G K; Puri, S K; Dutta, G P
1987Nerve growth factor receptors in rat spinal cord: An autoradiographic and immunohistochemical studyYip, HKF; Johnson, EM Jr