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2013Exchange protein directly activated by cAMP 1 plays an important role in β3-adrenergic induction of UCP1 in WAT and thermogenesis via regulating lipolysisChen, Y; Tai, ACP; Kai, AKL; Tam, S; Lam, KSL; Chung, SSM; Xu, A; Chung, SK
2014Endothelial cell-targeted over-expressing ET-1 leads to increased blood pressure and decreased heart rate in aged miceLuo, X; Xia, Z; Chung, SK; Cheung, CW
2014Endothelin-1 over-expression in astrocyte attenuates peripheral neuropathic pain by up-regulating the expression of astroglial glutamate transporter type-1 lumbar spinal cordHung, VKL; Tai, WL; Luo, X; Qiu, Q; Sun, LT; Chung, SK; Cheung, CW
2013Heterozygous overexpression of preproendothelin-1 in endothelial cells enhances thromboxane-prostanoid receptor-induced contractions in the renal artery of obese miceBaretella, OM; Chung, SK; Xu, A; Vanhoutte, PM
2012Genetic deletion or pharmacological inhibition of aldose reductase protects the retina in a mouse model of ischemia-induced retinopathyFu, Z; Li, SY; Chung, SK; Wong, D; Lo, ACY
2011Over-expression of endothelin-1 in astrocytes, but not endothelial cells, ameliorates inflammatory pain response after formalin injectionChen, AYS; Chen, SMY; Hung, VKL; Tai, LW; Chung, SK; Cheung, CW
2012Reduction of contractions to phenylephrine by L-NAME in the carotid artery of mice with endothelial overexpression of endothelin-1Baretella, OM; Li, FYL; Chung, SK; Vanhoutte, PM
2012Investigation of non-vascular NG2 expressing cells in the adult mouse retina after ischemia-reperfusion injuryFeng, Q; Chung, SK; So, KF
2010Hypertensive mice with over-expression of endothelin-1 show hyperactivity, impaired sensorimotor gating, mild cognitive deficit and cerebral vascular oxidative stressZhang, X; Chung, SSM; Chung, SK
2011Exchange protein directly activated by cAMP 1 is involved in β3-adrenergic induction of brown adipose tissue in white adipose tissueTai, A; Chen, Y; Chung, SK