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2001Change in endogenous nitric oxide production in the healing of gastric ulcer induced by acetic acidHui, WC; Fung, PCW; Tipoe, GL; Wong, BCY; Lam, SK
2000Expression of Cyclooxygenase-2 Protein in Acute Myocardial InfarctionYu, CM; Lai, KWH; Lau, CP; Tipoe, GL
2006Ageing and adrenomedullin in the female reproductive system of the ratLi, YY; Tang, F
2001The effect of aging on nasal mucociliary clearance, beat frequency and ultrastructure of respiratory ciliaHu, WHC; Lam, WK; Chu, LW; Ooi, CGC; Sun, JZ; Leung, R; Chan-Yeung, MMW; Tsang, KWT; Tipoe, GL; Ho, JC; Ip, MSM; Zheng, L
2003Inhaled steroid therapy and Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection and exhaled nitric oxide in bronchiectasisLeung, R; Yan, C; Ooi, CGC; Fung, PCW; Chan-Yeung, MMW; Lam, WK; Tsang, KWT; Lam, J; Tipoe, GL; Ho, JCM; Ip, MSM
1999Endothelin-1 in the pathogenesis of stable bronchiectasisLam, WK; Leung, R; Tsang, KWT; Tipoe, GL; Ho, JCM; Ip, MSM; Zheng, L
2000Nitric oxide synthase (NOS) expression and nitric oxide (NO) production in CCL4-induced hepatotoxicity of ratsChung, SY; Fung, PCW; Tipoe, GL; Ng, IOL; Lai, CL
2002Aquaporin 3 expression in respiratory mucosa is down-regulated in bronchiectasis in vivoTsang, KWT; Leung, JC; Leung, R; Yan, C; Ooi, CGC; Chan, HHL; Fung, PCW; Lam, WK; Tipoe, GL; Lai, KN
2000Up-regulation of circulating adhesion molecules in stable bronchiectasisLam, WK; Leung, RH; Shum, IH; Ooi, CGC; Tsang, KWT; Tipoe, GL; Ho, JC; Ip, MSM; Zheng, L
2003Functional study of expression of the Epstein Barr virus encoded LMP1 protein in nasopharyngeal epithelial cellsLi, HM; Wang, XH; Tsao, GSW; Wong, YC