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22-May-2007Antimicrobial resistance predicts death in Tanzanian children with bloodstream infections: a prospective cohort studyBlomberg, Bjørn; Manji, Karim P.; Urassa, Willy K.; Tamim, Bushir S.; Mwakagile, Davis S. M.; Jureen, Roland; Msangi, Viola; Tellevik, Marit Gjerde; Holberg-Petersen, Mona; Harthug, Stig; Maselle, Samwel Y.; Langeland, Nina
14-Sep-2007Nosocomial outbreak of neonatal Salmonella enterica serotype Enteritidis meningitis in a rural hospital in northern TanzaniaVaagland, Hogne; Blomberg, Bjørn; Krüger, Carsten; Naman, Naftali; Jureen, Roland; Langeland, Nina
27-Dec-2007Prevalence of enteropathogenic viruses and molecular characterization of group A rotavirus among children with diarrhea in Dar es Salaam TanzaniaMoyo, Sabrina John; Njølstad, Gro; Vainio, Kirsti; Matee, Mecky I.; Kitundu, Jesse; Maselle, Samwel Y.; Langeland, Nina; Myrmel, Helge
30-Jul-2008Adenosine Deaminase Activity Is a Sensitive Marker for the Diagnosis of Tuberculous Pleuritis in Patients with Very Low CD4 CountsBaba, Kamaldeen; Hoosen, Anwar A.; Langeland, Nina; Dyrhol-Riise, Anne Ma
15-Dec-2009Severity of Giardia infection associated with post-infectious fatigue and abdominal symptoms two years afterMørch, Kristine; Hanevik, Kurt; Rørtveit, Guri; Wensaas, Knut-Arne; Eide, Geir Egil; Hausken, Trygve; Langeland, Nina
25-May-2006A large community outbreak of waterborne giardiasis- delayed detection in a non-endemic urban areaNygård, Karin; Schimmer, Barbara; Søbstad, Øystein; Walde, Anna; Tveit, Ingvar; Langeland, Nina; Hausken, Trygve; Aavitsland, Preben
11-Oct-2004Surveillance of antimicrobial resistance at a tertiary hospital in TanzaniaBlomberg, Bjørn; Mwakagile, Davis S. M.; Urassa, Willy K.; Maselle, Samwel Y.; Mashurano, Marcellina; Digranes, Asbjørn; Harthug, Stig; Langeland, Nina
14-Mar-2008Evaluation of immune responses in HIV infected patients with pleural tuberculosis by the QuantiFERON® TB-Gold interferon-gamma assayBaba, Kamaldeen; Sørnes, Steinar; Hoosen, Anwar A.; Lekabe, Jacob M.; Mpe, Mathew J.; Langeland, Nina; Dyrhol-Riise, Anne Ma
23-Feb-2011Age specific aetiological agents of diarrhoea in hospitalized children aged less than five years in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaMoyo, Sabrina John; Njølstad, Gro; Matee, Mecky I.; Kitundu, Jesse; Myrmel, Helge; Mylvaganam, Haima; Maselle, Samwel Y.; Langeland, Nina
26-Mar-2010Post epidemic giardiasis and gastrointestinal symptoms among preschool children in Bergen, Norway. A cross-sectional studyMellingen, Kristin M.; Midtun, Anita; Hanevik, Kurt; Eide, Geir Egil; Søbstad, Øystein; Langeland, Nina