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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
12-Sep-2013The effect of screening doors and windows on indoor density of Anopheles arabiensis in south-west Ethiopia: a randomized trialUlesido, Fekadu Massebo; Lindtjørn, Bernt
1-Sep-2006Predictors of early death in a cohort of Ethiopian patients treated with HAARTJerene, Degu; Endale, Aschalew; Hailu, Yewubnesh; Lindtjørn, Bernt
6-Jun-2005DOTS improves treatment outcomes and service coverage for tuberculosis in South Ethiopia: a retrospective trend analysisShargie, Estifanos Biru; Lindtjørn, Bernt
2012Predictors of Plasmodium falciparum Malaria Incidence in Chano Mille, South Ethiopia: A Longitudinal StudyLoha Shumbullo, Eskindir; Lindtjørn, Bernt
19-Mar-2013Cattle and climate in Africa: How climate variability has influenced national cattle holdings from 1961–2008Lunde, Torleif Markussen; Lindtjørn, Bernt
13-Feb-2007Determinants of Treatment Adherence Among Smear-Positive Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients in Southern EthiopiaShargie, Estifanos Biru; Lindtjørn, Bernt
4-Nov-2013Lifesaving emergency obstetric services are inadequate in south-west Ethiopia: a formidable challenge to reducing maternal mortality in EthiopiaGirma, Meseret; Yaya, Yaliso; Gebrehanna, Ewenat; Berhane, Yemane; Lindtjørn, Bernt
30-May-2007Acceptability of HIV counselling and testing among tuberculosis patients in south EthiopiaJerene, Degu; Endale, Aschalew; Lindtjørn, Bernt
9-Jan-2008Traditional values of virginity and sexual behaviour in rural Ethiopian youth: results from a cross-sectional studyMolla, Mitike; Berhane, Yemane; Lindtjørn, Bernt
30-Jul-2008The rate of TB-HIV co-infection depends on the prevalence of HIV infection in a communityDatiko, Daniel Gemechu; Yassin, Mohammed A.; Chekol, Luelseged T.; Kabeto, Lopisso E.; Lindtjørn, Bernt