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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
1977A clinical evaluation of the effect of polishing procedures on the marginal breakdown of two dental amalgamsOsborne, John William, 1939-; Koerber, Leonard G.; Avery, David R.; Barton, Paul; Adams, George Austin, 1949-
1998Effects of kinetic cavity preparation vs. conventional handpiece preparation on the human dental pulpAvery, David R.; Dean, Jeffrey A., D.D.S.; Zunt, Susan L., 1951-; Sanders, Brian J., Chair of the Research Committee; El-Kafrawy, Abdel Hady, 1935-; Collins, Julie M., 1962-
2001Conscious Sedation of the pediatric dental patient: a comparison of meperidine versus butorphanolAvery, David R.; Majcher, Thomas; Tomlin, Angela; Weddell, James A. (James Arthur), 1949-; Sanders, Brian J., Chair of the Research Committee; Guthrie, Andrew C. (Andrew Cleveland), 1969-
1997Tensile bond strength of stainless steel orthodontic brackets on microabraded teethAvery, David R.; Katona, Thomas R.; Moore, B. Keith; Shanks, James C.; Sanders, Brian J., Chair of the Research Committee; Wentz, Holly Diane, 1965-
1993Binding of oral veillonella species to saliva-coated hydroxyapatiteAvery, David R.; Gregory, Richard L.; Sanders, Brian J.; Bowman, Dennis; Hughes, Christopher V., Chair of the Research Committee; Wu, Sonya L. (Sonya Lee), 1966-
1971A composite resin versus an amalgam: a study of certain properties and the design and initiation of a clinical investigationGarner, La Forrest Dean, 1933-; Gilmore, H. William (Homer William); Van Huysen, Grant; Avery, David R.
1997Comparison of electrosurgical and formocresol pulpotomy proceduresAvery, David R.; Sanders, Brian J.; Zunt, Susan L., 1951-; Legan, Joseph J.; Dean, Jeffrey A., D.D.S., Chair of the Research Committee; Fulkerson, Bradley Todd, 1970-
1993A comparison of IgA antibody levels in caries-resistant and caries-susceptible childrenGregory, Richard L.; Avery, David R.; Sanders, Brian J.; Branca, Ronald A.; Hughes, Christopher V., Chair of the Research Committee; Rose, Paul Todd, 1964-
1980A socioeconomic correlation of oral disease in six to thirty-six month old childrenAvery, David R.; Beiswanger, Bradley B.; Gish, Charles W., 1923-; Hennon, David Kent, 1933-; Koerber, Leonard G.; Klein, Arthur Irving, 1922-2004; Vargus, Brian; Weddell, James A. (James Arthur), 1949-
1983Self-concept of parental evaluation of peer relationships in cleft lip and palate childrenAvery, David R.; Barton, Paul; Bixler, David; Harshman, Hardwick W., 1914-; Starkey, Paul E.; Jones, James E. (James Earl), 1950-