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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2009The Greatest Outrage: Military Park, Long Hospital, and Progressive Era Notions of Urban SpaceBingmann, Melissa; Barrows, Robert G. (Robert Graham), 1946-; Wilson, Jeffrey S. (Jeffrey Scott), 1967-; Jones, Amanda Christine
2007INDIANAPOLIS AMUSEMENT PARKS, 1903-1911: LANDSCAPES ON THE EDGEColeman, Annie Gilbert; Barrows, Robert G. (Robert Graham), 1946-; Dwyer, Owen J.; Zeigler, Connie J.
2007Indiana's 1988 Gubernatorial Residency ChallengeBarrows, Robert G. (Robert Graham), 1946-; Hogsett, Joseph Hadden
2008THREE INDIANA WOMEN'S CLUBS: A STUDY OF THEIR PATTERNS OF ASSOCIATION, STUDY PRACTICES, AND CIVIC IMPROVEMENT WORK, 1886-1910Barrows, Robert G. (Robert Graham), 1946-; Robertson, Nancy Marie, 1956-; Wokeck, Marianne Sophia; Owen, Mary Elizabeth
2008Barred Progress: Indiana Prison Reform, 1880-1920Barrows, Robert G. (Robert Graham), 1946-; Coleman, Annie Gilbert; Kelly, Jason M.; Clark, Perry R.
2009New Deal or "Raw Deal": African Americans and the Pursuit of Citizenship in Indianapolis During FDR's First TermBarrows, Robert G. (Robert Graham), 1946-; Robertson, Nancy Marie, 1956-; Bingmann, Melissa; Clark, Benjamin J.
2005On Becoming a Valued Member of Society: The Childhood of Famous Americans Series and the Transmission of Americanism, 1932-1958Barrows, Robert G. (Robert Graham), 1946-; Monroe, Elizabeth Brand, 1947-; Coleman, Annie Gilbert; May, Cinda Ann
1999Tradition, Transition, Turmoil, and Triumph: Indianapolis Episcopalians Confront the 1960s and 1970sBarrows, Robert G. (Robert Graham), 1946-; Bodenhamer, David J.; Seregny, Scott; Diamond, Etan; Lantzer, Jason S.
2000A Survey of Indiana Military MonumentsMonroe, Elizabeth Brand, 1947-; Barrows, Robert G. (Robert Graham), 1946-; Coleman, Annie Gilbert; Born, Jennifer D.
2005"Fearless Rest and Hopeful Work": The Arts and Crafts Movement in Indianapolis, 1890-1925Barrows, Robert G. (Robert Graham), 1946-; Scarpino, Philip V.; Snodgrass, Michael; Stanis, Suzanne R.; Hudziak, Candace Suzanne