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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2013Diet and exercise intervention adherence and health-related outcomes among older long-term breast, prostate, and colorectal cancer survivorsMosher, Catherine E.; Rand, Kevin L.; Stewart, Jesse C.; Grahame, Nicholas J.; Winger, Joseph G.
31-Jul-2014The psychosocial outcomes of adult siblings of adults with autism and Down syndromeMcGrew, John H., 1953-; Mosher, Catherine E.; Johnson, Kathy E.; Grahame, Nicholas J.; Belkin, Teri
4-Sep-2014Attachment Avoidance and Depressive Symptoms: A Test of Moderation by Cognitive AbilitiesRand, Kevin L.; Stewart, Jesse C.; Cyders, Melissa A.; Ashburn-Nardo, Leslie; Grahame, Nicholas J.; Shea, Amanda Marie
2013Effects of coadministration of D-Napvsipq [NAP] and D-Sallrsipa [SAL] on spatial learning after developmental alcohol exposureGoodlett, Charles R.; Neal-Beliveau, Bethany S.; Grahame, Nicholas J.; Powley, T. L. (Terry L.); Wagner, Jennifer Lynne
31-Jul-2014Is depression a stronger risk factor for cardiovascular disease among individuals with a history of adverse childhood experiences?Stewart, Jesse C.; Cyders, Melissa A.; Hirsh, Adam; Grahame, Nicholas J.; Case, Stephanie M.
31-Jul-2014Increased delay discounting tracks with later ethanol seeking but not consumptionCzachowski, Cristine; Grahame, Nicholas J.; Lapish, Christopher; Beckwith, Steven Wesley
31-Jul-2014Veterans and non-veterans with schizophrenia : a grounded theory comparison of perceptions of self, illness, and treatmentSalyers, Michelle P.; McGrew, John H., 1953-; Boyd, Elizabeth; Lysaker, Paul H.; Grahame, Nicholas J.; Firmin, Ruth L.
31-Jul-2014Cognitive and task performance consequences for women who confront vs. fail to confront sexismAshburn-Nardo, Leslie; Morris, Kathryn A.; Williams, Jane R.; Grahame, Nicholas J.; Gorski, Kimberly M.
1-Aug-2014Temporally distinct impairments in cognitive function following a sensitizing regimen of methamphetamineLapish, Christopher; Neal-Beliveau, Bethany S.; Goodlett, Charles R.; Grahame, Nicholas J.; Janetsian, Sarine Sona
2014Assessment of the dopamine system in addiction using positron emission tomographyHutchins, Gary D.; Saykin, Andrew J.; Kareken, David A.; Yoder, Karmen K.; Grahame, Nicholas J.; Albrecht, Daniel Strakis