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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2012A study to explore the perceptions that South African chiropractors have regarding the perceived role and impact of research within the professionKorporaal, Charmaine Maria; Gordon, Julani
2012An epidemiological investigation of low back pain in the white population of the greater eThekwini metropolitan areaJones, Andrew D.; Korporaal, Charmaine Maria; Dyer, Brinique Ann
10-Apr-2014The relative effectiveness of three full kinetic chain treatment protocols for osteoarthritis of the knee : manual therapy, rehabilitation and a combination thereofKorporaal, Charmaine Maria; Brantingham, James W.; Dwyer, Lauren
8-Apr-2014Chiropractic and public health : a study on the perceptions and attitudes of chiropractors on health promotion and disease prevention in South AfricaKorporaal, Charmaine Maria; Ford, Timothy William
8-Apr-2014A comparison of mobilisation and exercise in the treatment of chronic non-specific neck painBoodhoo, Vilash; Korporaal, Charmaine Maria; Meyer, Elsje Maria
20-May-2014An injury profile of amateur and semi-professional KwaZulu-Natal triathletesKorporaal, Charmaine Maria; Coetzee, Cuan Wayne
26-Mar-2014An investigation of the factors affecting referral of patients between chiropractors and physiotherapists in the eThekwini municipalityKorporaal, Charmaine Maria; Slabbert, John George Lochner
20-May-2014The effectiveness of dry needling versus Flurbiprofen LAT patch in the treatment of myofascial pain syndrome of the upper Trapezius muscleKorporaal, Charmaine Maria; Veerasamy, Seerouven
10-Apr-2014The effectiveness of elastic tubing versus tyre resistance training as an adjunct to the standard manipulative training program at Durban University of Technology in the development of control of the dynamics of manipulation in chiropractic studentsKorporaal, Charmaine Maria; Mey, Tarryn Ruby
20-May-2014Patients at Marburg Haven Clinic : a demographic and disease profileNdlovu, Prisca Zandile; Korporaal, Charmaine Maria; Hitge, Candice Elaine