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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2010Entertaining the Public to Educate the Public at Conner Prairie: Prairietown 1975-2006Robertson, Nancy Marie, 1956-; Scarpino, Philip V.; Bingmann, Melissa; Allison, David B.
2010A MECHANISM OF AMERICAN MUSEUM-BUILDING PHILANTHROPY, 1925-1970Monroe, Elizabeth Brand, 1947-; Burlingame, Dwight; Scarpino, Philip V.; Miller, Brittany L.
-Rational Generosity: The Indianapolis Foundation and the Community Foundation Response to the Great DepressionBurlingame, Dwight; Scarpino, Philip V.; Huehls, Frances A.; Kienker, James Robert
2011How America Remembers: Analysis of the Academic Interpretation and Public Memory of the Battle of TippecanoeScarpino, Philip V.; Labode, Modupe; Wokeck, Marianne Sophia; Abercrombie, Brent S.
2012A HISTORY OF THE RONALD McDONALD HOUSE OF INDIANA, 1980-2004Scarpino, Philip V.; Dichtl, John R., 1965-; Morgan, Anita A.; Mize, Christopher S.
2012"Look West," Says the Post: The Promotion of the American Far West in the 1920s Saturday Evening PostLabode, Modupe; Scarpino, Philip V.; Wokeck, Marianne Sophia; Keen, Rusti Leigh
2012From Revolutionary War heroes to navy cruisers : the role of public history and military history in Vincennes, IndianaScarpino, Philip V.; Cramer, Kevin; Shrum, Rebecca K.; Pfeiffer, David Michael
2005The Founding of Sanborn Mills in Pre-Revolutionary New HampshireScarpino, Philip V.; Barrows, Robert G. (Robert Graham), 1946-; Saak, Eric L.; Pate, Linda L.
2013"We will be prepared" : scouting and civil defense in the early Cold War, 1949-1963Scarpino, Philip V.; Labode, Modupe; Barrows, Robert G. (Robert Graham), 1946-; Herczeg-Konecny, Jessica
2014JB-2: America's First Cruise MissileScarpino, Philip V.; Cramer, Kevin; Monroe, Elizabeth Brand, 1947-; Quigg, Gary Francis