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2-Apr-2014Targeting acute phosphatase PTEN inhibition and investigation of a novel combination treatment with Schwann cell transplantation to promote spinal cord injury repair in ratsXu, Xiao-Ming; Zhou, Feng C.; Jin, Xiao-Ming; Cummins, Theodore R.; Walker, Chandler L.
25-Feb-2014In situ three-dimensional reconstruction of mouse heart sympathetic innervation by two-photon excitation fluorescence imagingRubart-von der Lohe, Michael; Atkinson, Simon; Hurley, Thomas D., 1961-; Gattone II, Vincent H.; Freeman, Kim Renee
11-Jul-2014Identification of TgElp3 as an essential, tail-anchored mitochondrial lysine acetyltransferase in the protozoan pathogen toxoplasma gondiiNass, Richard M.; Bauer, Margaret E.; Oxford, G. S.; Queener, Sherry F.; Sullivan Jr., William J.; Stilger, Krista L.
1-Aug-2014Soypeptide lunasin in cytokine immunotherapy for lymphomaChang, Hua-Chen; Skalnik, David Gordon; Watson, John C., 1953-; Atkinson, Simon; Lewis, David
12-Mar-2014The effect of hypoxia on ER-β expression in the lung and cultured pulmonary artery endothelial cellsLahm, Tim; Petrache, Irina; Schweitzer, Kelly S.; Selej, Mona M.A.
11-Jul-2014Signaling mechanisms that suppress the anabolic response of osteoblasts and osteocytes to fluid shear stressPavalko, Fredrick M.; Bidwell, Joseph P.; Day, Richard N.; Elmendorf, Jeffrey S.; Robling, Alexander G.; Hum, Julia M.
2-Apr-2014Defining the mechanism of prostaglandin E₂-enhanced hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell homingPelus, Louis; Broxmeyer, Hal E.; Harrington, Maureen A.; Ivan, Mircea; Srour, Edward F.; Speth, Jennifer M.
11-Jul-2014Twist1 and Etv5 are part of a transcription factor network defining T helper cell identityKaplan, Mark H.; Dent, Alexander L.; Yang, X. Frank; Nakshatri, Harikrishna; Pham, Duy
11-Jul-2014mTOR regulates Aurora A via enhancing protein stabilityQuilliam, Lawrence; Atkinson, Simon; Goebl, Mark G.; Harrington, Maureen A.; Wek, Ronald C.; Fan, Li
7-Jul-2014The role of the CTD phosphatase Rrt1 and post-translational modifications in regulation of RNA polymerase IIGoebl, Mark G.; Mosley, Amber L.; Wek, Ronald C.; Cox, Mary L.