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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
29-Oct-2012THE ROLE OF THE NMDA RECEPTOR AND REVERSE SODIUM CALCIUM EXCHANGER IN CALCIUM DYSREGULATION IN GLUTAMATE-EXPOSED NEURONSBrustovetsky, Nickolay; Cummins, Theodore R.; Nass, Richard M.; Nicol, Grant D.; Vasko, Michael R.; Brittain, Matthew K.
10-Dec-2013The effects of CaMKII signaling on neuronal viabilityHudmon, Andrew; Brustovetsky, Nickolay; Hurley, Thomas D., 1961-; Russell, Weihua Lee, 1956-; Oxford, G. S.; Ashpole, Nicole M.
11-Dec-2013Novel regulation of neuronal genes implicated in Alzheimer disease by microRNAZhou, Feng C.; Lahiri, Debomoy K.; Farlow, Martin R.; Nass, Richard M.; Du, Yansheng; Long, Justin M.
8-Nov-2013Effects of interstitial fluid flow and cell compression in FAK and SRC activities in chondrocytesNa, Sungsoo; Yokota, Hiroki, 1955-; Li, Jiliang; Berbari, Edward J.; Cho, Eunhye
29-Oct-2012Transcriptional regulation of ATF4 is critical for controlling the Integrated Stress Response during eIF2 phosphorylationWek, Ronald C.; Edenberg, Howard J.; Gallagher, Patricia; Turchi, John J.; Dey, Souvik
21-Dec-2012Phospho-regulation and metastatic potential of Murine Double Minute 2Mayo, Lindsey D.; Dynlacht, Joseph R.; Goebl, Mark G.; Pollok, Karen E.; Batuello, Christopher N.
7-Oct-2013Mechanisms of the downregulation of prostaglandin E₂-activated protein kinase A after chronic exposure to nerve growth factor or prostaglandin E₂Vasko, Michael R.; Brustovetsky, Nickolay; Cummins, Theodore R.; Hudmon, Andy; Nicol, Grant D.; Malty, Ramy Refaat Habashy
29-Jan-2014Functional Insights Into Oncogenic Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases By Mass SpectrometryZhang, Zhong-Yin; Wang, Mu; Wells, Clark D.; Zhang, Jian-Ting; Walls, Chad Daniel
12-Mar-2014The oncogenic properties of Amot80 in mammary epitheliaWells, Clark D.; Herbert, Brittney-Shea; Quilliam, Lawrence; Wek, Ronald C.; Ranahan, William P.
29-Jan-2014The integrated stress response directs cell fate decisions in response to perturbations in protein homeostasisWek, Ronald C.; Bard, Martin; Quilliam, Lawrence; Wells, Clark D.; Teske, Brian Frederick