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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
25-Jul-2014A systematic review of the effectiveness of the Gonstead techniqueKorporaal, Charmaine Maria; Harpham, Graeme John; Harrison, Michael R.
13-Jun-2014A systematic review to determine the evidence to support the use of flexion distraction chiropractic techniqueKorporaal, Charmaine Maria; O'Connor, Laura; Cuppusamy, Dillon
2004The interexaminer reliability of static and motion palpation for the assessment of spinal joint dysfunction in healthy infants aged two to ten weeksRalph, Julee
2007The relative effectiveness of three treatment protocols in the treatment of medial tibial stress syndrome type IIPayne, Liza
2005The relative effectiveness of myofascial manipulation versus ischaemic compression in the treatment of myofascial trigger points of the upper trapezius muscleShacksnovis, Richard
2007The period prevalence of congenital thoracic and lumbar spine anomalies and the association between the literature reported clinical features of these anomalies with the subject's presenting clinical featuresPillay, Amashnee
2005An investigation into the association between the severity of patellofemoral pain syndrome and patella mobilityScott, Justin James
2005An investigation into the prevalence and occupational risk factors of low back pain in emergency medical services personnelVlok, James
2006An investigation into the effect of a high velocity low amplitude manipulation on core muscle strength in patients with chronic mechanical lower back painUys, Lizette
2005The short and intermediate effect of manipulation on chronic ankle instability syndromeKohne, Eckard Peter