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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
9-Mar-2011TRANSCRIPTIONAL REGULATION OF THE HUMAN ALCOHOL DEHYDROGENASES AND ALCOHOLISMEdenberg, Howard J.; Harrington, Maureen A.; Skalnik, David Gordon; Roman, Ann; Pochareddy, Sirisha
10-Mar-2011THE MECHANISMS REGULATING THE TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR ATF5 AND ITS FUNCTION IN THE INTEGRATED STRESS RESPONSEWek, Ronald C.; Harris, Robert A. (Robert Allison), 1939-; Quilliam, Lawrence; Morral, Nuria; Zhou, Donghui
2008Identification of a Minimal Cis-element and Cognate Trans-factors Required for the Regulation of Rac2 Gene Expression during K562 Cell DifferentiationSkalnik, David; Muthukrishnan, Rajarajeswari
12-Mar-2014Consequences of telomerase inhibition and telomere dysfunction in BRCA1 mutant cancer cellsHerbert, Brittney-Shea; Grimes, Brenda R.; Sledge, George W., Jr.; Turchi, John; White, Kenneth E.; Phipps, Elizabeth Ann
11-Jul-2014Lymph node and peri-lymph node stroma : phenotype and interaction with T-cellsTouloukian, Christopher E.; Broxmeyer, Hal E.; Srour, Edward F.; Ingram Jr., David A.; Stoffel, Nicholas J.
2014Effects of electrical stimulation and testosterone on regeneration-associated gene expression and functional recovery in a rat model of sciatic nerve crush injuryXu, Xiao-Ming; Chen, Jinhui; Jones, Kathryn J.; White, Fletcher A.; Meadows, Rena Marie
2014Identification and characterization of molecular modulators of methylmercury-induced toxicity and dopamine neuron degeneration in Caenorhabditis elegansNass, Richard M.; Atchison, William D.; Brustovetsky, Nickolay; Cummins, Theodore R.; Sullivan Jr., William J.; Wek, Ronald C.; VanDuyn, Natalia M.
2009A systems biology design and implementation of novel bioinformatics software tools for high throughput gene expression analysisLi, SL; Khan, Mohsin Amir Faiz
2011Investigation of the effects of virus integration on host gene expression in mouse tumour samplesThemis, M; Anderson, RM; Osejindu, Emma
11-Mar-2014The human carotid body in sensing and signaling of oxygen and inflammationKåhlin, Jessica