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2007The effect of differing clinical settings on chiropractic patients suffering from mechanical low back painRichardson, Grant Walter
2005The short-term effect of manipulation of selected cervical spinal segments on the peak torque of the rotator cuff in asymtomatic patients with and without mechanical cervical spine dysfunctionBotha, Warrick
2005The relative effectiveness of manipulation versus a combination of manipulation and oral Traumeel S in the treatment of mechanical neck painHarpham, Graeme John
2009The immediate effect of thoraco-lumbar spinal manipulation compared to lower lumbar spinal manipulation on core muscle endurance and activity in patients with mechanical low back painJones, Andrew D.; Murray, Stuart M.
2009A comparative study of three different types of manual therapy techniques in the management of chronic mechanical neck painWilson, Laura Maie; De Busser, Nikki; Roodt, Maria Louisa Elizabeth
2009Lumbar spine manipulation, compared to combined lumbar spine and ankle manipulation for the treatment of chronic mechanical low back painKruger, Brian D.; Forbes, Lauren Hayley
2009An investigation to identify changes in power of the kayaking stroke following manipulation of the cervical spine in asymptomatic kayakersGomes, Neil; Cuninghame, Neil Mark
2003The relative effectiveness of manual manipulation versus manipulation using the activator adjusting instrument in the management of acute on chronic sacroiliac syndromeShearar, Kirstin Anne
2005A clinical evaluation of hip joint functional ability after sacroiliac joint manipulation in patients with sacroiliac joint syndromeTurner, Bruce
2003The effect of a sacroiliac joint manipulation on hip rotation ranges of motion in patients suffering with chronic sacroiliac syndromeBisset, Gregory