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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2006An investigation into the effect of a high velocity low amplitude manipulation on core muscle strength in patients with chronic mechanical lower back painUys, Lizette
2005A clinical evaluation of hip joint functional ability after sacroiliac joint manipulation in patients with sacroiliac joint syndromeTurner, Bruce
2003The relative effectiveness of manual manipulation versus manipulation using the activator adjusting instrument in the management of acute on chronic sacroiliac syndromeShearar, Kirstin Anne
2007The effect of differing clinical settings on chiropractic patients suffering from mechanical low back painRichardson, Grant Walter
2006The immediate effect of a lumbar manipulation on the clinical and performance measures of amateur tennis players suffering from lower back discomfort associated with playing tennisTyfield, Susan
2006The relative effectiveness of spinal manipulation in conjunction with core stability exercises as opposed to spinal manipulation alone in the treatment of post-natal mechanical low back painWilson, Dean Paul Charles
2007A retrospective cross-sectional survey of cervical cases recorded at the Durban University of Technology (D.U.T.) chiropractic day clinic (1995-2005)Venketsamy, Yomika
2005To determine the immediate effect of sacroiliac and lumbar manipulation on quadriceps femoris and hamstring torque ratios in the contralateral limb in patients suffering from mechanical low back painLewis, Barbara Jane
2005The effects of sacroiliac manipulation on arthrogenic muscle inhibition in the hip musculature in patients with sacroiliac syndromeMorgan, Beverley
2005The relative effectiveness of muscle energy technique compared to manipulation in the treatment of chronic stable ankle inversion sprainsJoseph, Lynette Colleen