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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2003Kinematic study of spinal manipulationNgan, Jim M. W
2006The relative effectiveness of spinal manipulation in conjunction with core stability exercises as opposed to spinal manipulation alone in the treatment of post-natal mechanical low back painWilson, Dean Paul Charles
2002The effect of spinal manipulation as compared to passive oscillatory mobilization in thoracic spine range of motion and pain, in patients with chronic mechanical thoracic spine dysfunctionDimopoulos, Alex Illya
2005The short-term effect of manipulation of selected cervical spinal segments on the peak torque of the rotator cuff in asymtomatic patients with and without mechanical cervical spine dysfunctionBotha, Warrick
2005The immediate effect of manipulation of selected cervical spinal segments on the peak torque of the rotator cuff muscles in asymptomatic patients with and without a mechanical cervical spine dysfunctionDixon, Tamsyn Louise
2002The effect of segmental manipulation of the cervical spine on grip strength in patients with mechanical cervical spine dysfunctionNaidoo, Trevor Pragasen
2004The immediate effect of sacroiliac manipulation on hip strength in patients suffering from chronic sacroiliac syndromeMatkovich, Grant
2005The immediate effect of low back manipulation on serum cortisol levels in adult males with mechanical low back painPadayachy, Keseri
2003The effectiveness of spinal manipulation and interferential current therapy versus oral meloxicam and interferential current therapy in the treatment of acute mechanical low back painBekker-Smith, Carla
2002The relative effectiveness of spinal manipulative therapy combined with transcutaneous flurbiprofen versus spinal manipulative therapy combined with either menthol or non-medicated placebo patches in the management of sacroiliac syndromeMoodley, Lineshnee