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28-Nov-2014Derivation and validation of a simple risk score for undiagnosed diabetes for Tanzania and other African populationsMayige, Mary
16-Jan-2015A mixed-methods investigation of the extent to which routinely collected information can help evaluate the implementaion of screening and brief alcohol interventions in primary health careO'Donnell, Amy Jane
May-2014Payment Reform in Massachusetts: Health Care Spending and Quality in Accountable Care Organizations Four Years into Global PaymentSong, Zirui
May-2014A Functional Polymorphism in the Epidermal Growth Factor Gene Independently Predicts Clinical Decompensation in HCV-Related CirrhosisJohnson, Kara
31-Jul-2014Prevalence and risk factors of asthma among cleaners in the north east of England.Al-Fajjam, Shaikhah Mohammed
16-Jan-2015Managing change :using organisational change theory to understand organisational responses to health policy : a case study in commissioningMcCafferty, Sara
1-Sep-2014The prevalence of neurological disorders in the 70 years and older population of the Hai district in northern TanzaniaDewhurst, Felicity
May-2014Clean Lighting Leads to Improved Health in Rural Africa: Field Study and Design of a Dirt-Powered GeneratorAiden, Aviva Presser
12-Feb-2015Type 2 diabetes prevention in high-risk individuals :how might effective, equitable and sustainable service provison be achieved?Penn, Linda Dorothy
31-Jul-2014The prevalence and clinical correlates of atrial fibrillation in those aged 70 and over in the Hai district of northern TanzaniaDewhurst, Matthew James